How Bail Bondsman Make Money

When you look at the court system it seems that every time you turn around someone is paying a large sum of money in order to get out of jail or get out of trouble.  This money will either go to a lawyer who will work on the case or it will go to bailbonds Vista who will notify the courts that they will pay the bond if the one charged fails to appear in court.

When a judge issues a bond, it will be for several hundred dollars or several thousand dollars.  If you are accused of a serious crime this could add up to millions of dollars.  In order to get out of jail, ten percent of the bond will be paid to the bondsman.  This will be the profit or what they make if they take on the risk of you appearing in court.  If you appear in court then the bond is lifted, and the company who issued the bond, like Acme Bail Bonds, will keep the profits.  This is how they make their money.

For the bondsman it is a risk rewards type situation.  If they feel that you will appear in court and that you are not a flight risk, then they will take on the risk.  However, if they feel that it is too risky and they could lose money, they might setup specific conditions before taking on the bond.

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If you fail to appear in court, then then courts will require that the bondsman pay the full bond in full.  This can be very expensive and something that they don’t want to do.  As a result, they will enlist the services of a bounty hunter to come after you before the bond is due.  If they can capture you and return you to jail before the bond is due, then their money is safe, and they make a profit off of your initial payment.